Mod Update

Today I have just published version in the mods page. I’ve added a couple of requests made since the last beta. The update is available for download now for PC.


  • Mayor overhaul of ANT library
  • Implements ANT+ Power Sensor. Can be combined with FE-C
  • Implements ANT+ Heart Rate sensor. Stores the information in the FIT file and relays the display with cadence
  • Implements ANT+ Cadence Sensor. If present, cadence from the cadence sensor is preferred, then power sensor cadence and finally trainer cadence
  • Implements ANT+ Road feel for Tacx Neo trainers. Can be disabled in the ini file
  • Virtual speed kicks in when using only a power meter, but can be activated for Trainers too from the ini file
  • Braking is possible with the braking key (brakes the trainer if one connected)
  • Fixes courses (thanks @defiancecp)
  • Adds 2 more courses
  • Fixes support for trainers using extended ANT ids
  • Creates ModSettings directory if not present to avoid errors
  • Smooth steering with keys Numpad 4 and Numpad 6
  • Radio support while cycling (key Numpad7 to activate and skip stations )
  • Error message added when a course is malformed or missing
  • Invincibility mode only active when the mod is active not when it is loaded
  • Incline is calculated in front of the bike instead of below the bike to anticipate and allow trainer time to adjust
  • Numpad1 toggles autosteering without needing to get into the menu
  • No more flying when going into the water
  • Implemented drafting performance in the HUD (green leds)
  • New menu option to disable obstacle avoidance when auto drive os disabled
  • Waypoints color and size can be configured globally from the settings file and individually from the course file
  • Includes a txt with help on the ini file settings

If you happen to hit any issues with this update, please post on our Facebook page.