Donate to GTBikeV

All you want to know about donations to GTBikeV

  • No obligations

    GTBikeV is a non profit project. The basic philosophy is no payment leads to no obligations. We love people enjoying the mod and using it as much as they can, but the only commitment we want to have is with ourselves. No timelines, no milestones, no feature commitment. That’s why it’s been free and no donations were being accepted… until now.

  • Multiplayer

    Why now? Because from version 0.6 the mod is multiplayer. Multiplayer means we need a server running 24/7 to interconnect players. That infrastructure has a cost and as much as I love this project, I can only support it so much.

  • Where will the money go?

    Donations will be used to pay for the hosting, domain name, and servers mainly. It will be used to improve performance whenever possible and to have access to testing hardware to extend support for new devices.

  • What do I get?

    You’ll be a proud supporter of the project. Every other rider will secretly or openly praise your generosity. That’s it. We won’t shape the feature development plan according to donors whishes, but will definitely have more consideration for their feature requests.

  • Why Euros?

    Just to keep things simple. The Paypal acount was already set in Euros as it was open in Europe. If that is a problem for you, please contact the author and we’ll find a way to do it in a different currency.