GTBikeV Mod Download

This is the latest version of the GTBikeV mod. You can choose to download the installer, which will place all the files in the appropriate folders and will download automatically the external files needed for the mod to work, or you can choose to download just the zip file with only the mod files. You’ll need to place all the content of the compressed file in the right location in your hard drive.

Older versions

Here you can find some of the older versions of the mod, just in case the latest one does not work for you. It’s always recommended to be up to date to the latest version.

Additional files

Several user generated courses, some documentation and route builder helper software is available from Mattias Urech github project.

Latest Beta Version

GTBike V is under constant development. The latest beta version contains the features that will be published in the next version but may likely contain bugs that could cause crashes in your system.
Use at your own risk.
If you find errors, please report them using the Facebook group or Discord channel providing log files, screenshots and everything you think might be useful. Thank you for your help!

This mod relies on several third party pieces of software to work. All the pieces are automatically downloaded and installed by the installer, but if you prefer to install the mod manually, these are the extra files you need to download: