Mod update

A new version is out. You can get it from the Downloads page.
Introducing support for running in the streets of Los Santos and a new installer that makes life easier for first comers and updates.


  • Adds support for running
  • Adds support for Stride based speed sensors (footpods)
  • Created Mod Installer supporting downloading of external components
  • Installer includes a 100% completed save game
  • Menu closes when speed is a bit over 0, not when it’s not 0
  • Activity FIT file tweaked to avoid elevation correction in Strava
  • Autodrive works now with manually set waypoints
  • HUD redistribution to show Heart Rate permanently
  • HUD changes to accomodate for pace information when running (instead of power)
  • Choosing a course before mounting the bike works now
  • Added FineSteeringValue to ini file to control the smooth steering. Values between 0.3 and 1, defaults to 0.4.
  • Setting for changing screenshot frequency added to ini file
  • Setting for changing screenshot horizontal offset added to ini file