New version

A new version is out. You can get it from the Downloads page.

Previous version had a couple of glitches that make GTA V crash and have been fixed. We’ve used the occasion to add some other smaller features.

The installer will now take care of checking for the latest version of ScriptHookVDotNet.dll and install it for you in case there is a newer version.
The cosmetic problems with the course selector and the menu header position have been addressed.
There is protection now in case the network connection to retrieve courses fails. You’ll be able to use the local courses if you downloaded them in a previous use, if not, you can only free roam but the game won’t crash.

Some users have reported their old Garmin heart rate strap was detected but not reporting HR data, that has been solved too.

The Mod menu appears automatically at start up to ease the way of new users and speed up the process. It hides when the ride starts and shows up again when the user stops pedaling. Much more convenient and can be used without a keyboard if you have the mouse around. F5 still works though. If you close the menu with F5 it won’t open automatically when stopping.

A bike selector has been added in the menu to allow you to choose between the available bikes in the game. No, you can’t add new bikes sorry, but there are ways to substitute the existing ones for diferent models, search the Facebook group for more information.

And lastly, we have introduced a field to store the user’s FTP value. In the future we will have more uses for it but for now it only controls the sprint animation while cycling. If the user produces 2 times the FTP, it will sprint. You can change the FTP value and set your own if you know it using the settings file, or you can ride for at least 20 minutes as hard as you can and the mod will calculate it for you.

Please let us know of any problems you find with this new version.


  • New version of scripthookvdotnet (supported by installer)
  • Fixes course selector button and profile not refreshing properly
  • Fixes menu header positioning
  • Protection against network failures when retrieving courses
  • New device icons
  • Support for legacy heart rate straps
  • New menu auto open function and settings option
  • Fixes crash on start moving in autodrive (Driver ability and agressiveness crash)
  • Fixes crash on reload script after deactivating mod
  • Fixes security configuration for HTTPS request of courses
  • Setting for configuring request URL for courses (fixed)
  • Bike selector in menu
  • User weight presented in correct units
  • User FTP can be set in settings and is recalculated automatically