New Version Workouts and Strava integration

Version is out now. Get it from the Downloads page.


The long awaited feature is live now. The mod support workouts in the format popularized by Zwift.
The mod has a collection of workouts grouped in plans that will be growing in the future. The workouts are downloaded just like the courses, so there is no additional steps needed to get them.
There is a special plan named “Custom” where you can drop any Zwift compatible workout file (wko or xml) and it will be available to choose from within the mod.
Once you have selected the workout you like, start pedaling and after the countdown your structured routine will start. At the top right of the screen you’ll see the overall completion of the workout, the current, past and coming segments and how much time is still left.

On the center of the screen the workout HUD shows you the power you are developing and the target power for the segment. Your cadence and heart rate are also shown here. In case the segment has a cadence target, it will be displayed here too.
Just try to stay in the target power in every segment and you’ll get a gold, silver or bronze medal depending on how well you matched the targets.
If you are using a trainer, ERG mode is enabled by default. You can disengage ERG in case you are struggling with the current segment, and engage it later on to resume it. The default key for this is NumPad5.

It’s very important to set up your FTP correctly if you want to have a good experience with workouts. If you set a too high of a FTP value you’ll have a hard time completing the workouts, and if you set a too low of a FTP, you’ll find them boring and unproductive. You can change your FTP value in the user setting menu in the mod. Learn more about the FTP here.

We’ll soon expand the documentation in this page to cover everything you need to know about GTBikeV workouts.

Strava Link

Another long awaited feature is available in this version. You can now link your GTBikeV mod installation with your Strava account so the rides get uploaded automatically when you finish and save a ride. If you discard the ride, it won’t be uploaded. You can un link your Strava account at any time from the Strava site, in your personal profile->My apps.
You’ll find the new menu option under the User submenu. Just click on it and a browser will pop up where you just confirm you give permission to GTBikeV to upload activities. That’s all!

Water world

Many of you have complained in the past about the bad experience when the rider inadvertedly fell or rode into a water body. It was usually almost impossible to recover without disabling the mod and re enabling. From this version on, when you hit the water with your bike, it will be replaced by a jet ski and you can keep pedaling while navigating. If you head back to the shore the vessel will turn into a bike again.
This will work in any big water body, like the open sea or the Alamo Sea, reservoirs and alike. For small and shallow creeks it wont work.

100% Saved game

In order to make starting with the mod much easier, the package included a saved game file with a 100% completed game, so you don’t have to play any of the missions, not even the first one. That file was not being copied in the saved game folder but now the installer will leave it in the right location.

Tacx Neo improvements

Now that we have access to a Tacx Neo, we’ve been able to fine tune the mod so the braking and terrain feel work much better.


The short lived version had a few flaws regarding the new ERG mode and the showing of magnitudes in imperial units that have been fixed.


We would like to remind you we have a donations page for those who would like to support the project. Thank you to every one that has already donated, your contribution is much appreciated and is helping to maintain the servers. You can see all the details in Donations