Configuration File

The following options can be set in the GTBikeVConfig.ini in the user data directory located at My Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\ModSettings:

SelectedBikeSCORCHER, TRIBIKE, TRIBIKE2, TRIBIKE3, FIXTER, CRUISER, BMXBike used by the avatar during the ride. The game does not feature any other bike models.
SlopeScale0.0-2.0Scales the inclines in the game, ranges from 0.0 to 2.0. The first one will remove any slope change and the latter will multiply slopes by 2. Default value is 0.5 which is the more realistic one. This settings affects the incline value sent to your trainer as well as the one used to calculate virtual speed.
DebugWindowTrue / FalseActivates the debug view showing internal data in 3 panels, Activity panel, general panel and Simulation data / trainer data panel.
Initial GPS coordinates corresponding to the 0,0 coordinates in Los Santos map. The defaultInitial GPS coordinates corresponding to the 0,0 coordinates in Los Santos map. The default value maps to a small island in the pacific but you can change it to wherever in the world you want your FIT files to be located at.
Sets the mod to listen to a specific ANT device id for every of the ANT+ supported profiles so in case you have more than one device you can select the one you will be using. The special value 0 means it will pair the first device ot finds which is usually fine if you only have one. The special value 65535 is used when you want to deactivate the reception of a particular device, which can help with mod performance when you don’t own that kind of sensor.
FEC is an ANT+ smart trainer.
PWR is an ANT+ power sensor.
HR is an ANT+ heart rate strap.
CAD is an ANT+ cadence sensor.
FPOD is an ANT+ foot pod (stride based speed sensor for running)
SPD is an ANT+ bike speed sensor
STEER is an ANT steering control (experimental).
ImperialTrue / FalseToggles the unit system used in the bike display to show distance, speed, etc.
UserWeightKgUser weight for the simulation. In Kilograms. This value changes if you change the weight in the mod menu.
RoadFeelTrue / FalseToggles the road feel simulation for Tacx Neo line of trainers and indoor bikes.
WayPointDefaultColorFFADFF2FConfigures the color of the waypoints shown while following one of the predefined routes. If there is a specific configuration in the course file, it has precedence over this one Colors are specified in AARRGGBB format.
WayPointDefaultRadius0-40Configures the radius of the waypoints shown while following one of the predefined routes. If radius is zero the waypoints are not shown. If there is a specific configuration in the course file, it has precedence over this one.
AlwaysUseVirtualSpeedTrue / FalseAllows you to always use the virtual speed calculations regardles if you have a smart trainer broadcasting its own speed. If you only have a power meter this setting does not apply, speed will be always virtual.
FineSteeringValue0.3-1Changes the steering sensitivity for the smooth steering keys (numpad 4 and numpad 6). Valid values are between 0.3 and 1. Default value is 0.4.
Less than 0.3 will not steer at all and 1 will steer just like the regular steering controls.
ScreenshotIntervalKmSets the interval between automatic screenshots, in Kilometers. Default is 5 Km
ScreenshotXOffsetSets the offset for the screenshots taken during the activity. Default is 0. Change this value if you are using multiple screens and your screenshots only show your main display, and you are not running GTA V on that display. In that case set the value to the horizontal resolution of your main screen.
MenuAutoOpenTrue / FalseOpens the mod menu any time the user stops moving, including on start-up. Very useful if only a mouse is available for interaction. Default value is true, set to false to activate the menu manually on demand.
TelemetryReportingTrue / FalseSends anonymous telemetry reporting data, which is used to help understand how to improve the mod. Default is True. If you don’t want to send data then you can disable telemetry by setting value to False.
CourseLibraryURL URL for remote course downloading. Don’t set or change unless you know what you are doing.
SteerCalibrationA set of 4 values used to calibrate the steering device. The values are leftmost, center, rightmost and dead angle.
The first 3 values are the numeric measure the steering device gives in those positions, the last value is the % of dead heading value around the center position when GTA does not respond to steering. Usually is 30%, but 25% allows for some handlebars wobbling without affecting the steering. Default value is 0,300,600,25
MenuKeyOpen/Close mod menu key. Default F5
DebugKeyOpen/Close debug windows. Default F11
ScreenshotKeyTake a screenshot. Default NumPad0
AutopilotKeyToggle autopilot. Default NumPad1
RadioKeyTurn on / change radio station. Default NumPad7
HUDKeyHide / Show the HUD. Default NumPad3
DestinationKeyChange to random destination while not riding a course. Default NumPad2
FineSteerLeftKeyFine steering left. Default NumPad4
FineSteerRightKeyFine steering right. Default NumPad6