Installation Guide

Part I: Install GTA

Perform the following steps to install GTA V:

  1. Buy GTA V (Windows PC version) from Steam or Epic Games
  2. Install GTA V
  3. Play in GTA V in Story Mode and complete all missions of the Prologue. The prologue contains four missions: The RobberyThe Threat-Assessment, The Escape, The Getaway. There are several tutorials on the internet and on YouTube about how to finish the prologue. You find a walkthrough link below under Resources.
    If you don’t want to play the game at all, the mod installer leaves a save game file for the 100% completed game in “My Documents\RockStar Games\GTA V\ModSettings\SGTA50000” . You can use that to skip the whole game and have all the characters available.

Part II a: Install Mod

Download the GTBike V mod installer and double click on the installation file.

Part II b: Install Mod Manually

Using the installer is the recommended and easiest way to get GT Bike V up and running quickly. If the installer didn’t work for you or if you want to understand the insights of GTA V mod installation, perform the following steps:

  1. Download ScriptHookV
  2. Download ScripHooktVDotnet
  3. Download GT Bike V Mod
  4. Unzip ScriptHookV file; navigate to bin folder; copy dinput8.dllNativeTrainer.asiScriptHookV.dll to GTA V installation directory
  5. Unzip ScriptHookVDotnet file; copy all ScriptHookVDotNet.* files to GTA V installation directory
  6. Unzip GTBikeV file: copy folder Scripts to GTA V installation directory; copy folder ModSettings to user data directory located at My Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V

Important note: folder Rockstar Games\GTA V will be created after you have launched GTA V for the first time.

Part III: Activate the Mod

Launch the game and select Story Mode.
It’s very important that you don’t enter on-line mode while you have mods installed on your system. Your account would be banned if you do so.

When the game has loaded, the mod menu will show up. Select “Activate GTBike V”