What is multiplayer?

Multiplayer is the ability to connect to other players while you are enjoying the game.

The multiplayer capabilities of GTBikeV allow the rider to see other riders cycling at the same time in Los Santos. This feature works independently of the GTA V on-line mode so you still must run the game in story mode not in on-line mode.
The chances of finding someone else in this vast map are slim, that’s why you will probably want to join a ride in order to be teleported to the location where the other players are in that moment.

For now you can only ride together, there are no fancy races or missions, but there are plans for those in the future.

Eventhough you’ll be connected together, the world you see around you won’t always match exactly. For technical reasons, only the bots and weather conditions are shared while riding courses. The rest of the traffic and NPCs (Non Player Characters) are local, so they won’t match if you play two games side by side. This may seem odd, but doesn’t really impact much the experience, so don’t worry.

How to activate multiplayer mode?

There is nothing to activate or to configure. As soon as you activate the mod in the mod’s menu you’ll be automatically connected to the server. We will use your Rockstar Social Club name as your user name and you’ll be able to chat and see other people around you right away.

How do I find other people connected?

The easiest way to find other peers connected is to select “Join multiplayer ride” in the menu. This option finds the course with the most number of riders, loads it and reposition your avatar next to the last player in the ranking for that course.
This way you can start riding right next to other players that previously joined that course.

You can also browse the courses as usual, and you’ll find a new piece of information on them telling you how many players are there in the course, if any. You can then select your course of choice. If it was empty you’ll be teleported to the start of the course, if it was not, you’ll join with the last user.

If you don’t want to ride a course, you can always find other players in the map and try to ride to meet them, as they will be represented by white dots.

What can I do in multiplayer?

You can ride along with other connected players, send them chat messages (pressing T key), see the list of connected players (pressing Z key) and their position in the map.
In the future more features will be added to make the interaction more engaging and enjoyable.

When you start a ride in an empty course you bot configuration will prevail and your bots will spawn on start up. If you join an already existing ride, your bots won’t appear as there will be already bots set up by the ride “owner”.