Mod update

A new version is out. You can get it from the Downloads page.

Featuring a new visual course selector that will download the courses remotely from the github repository. Once new courses will be added or updated they will be immediately available for everyone without the need to copying course files. Course files on your computer are not automatically added anymore. If you have course files on your computer, please consider adding them up to the course repository. There will be a separate announcement for course developers on how to develop and test courses.

Check out the new support for speed sensors. The speed coming from the speed sensor will be translated into a power using a generic power curve so the actual power will be quite innacurate, but will allow people with speed sensors to use the mod.

Support for Tacx Black Track steering device is included, but it has not been tested in real life so it is in experimental state. Use at your own risk.

From this version on, telemetry data will be collected to help improving the mod. Anonymous usage data (activities, distance, time, devices, etc) will be sent to one of our servers. While we appreciate the insights this data provides, we also know that not everyone wants to send usage data and you can opt-out this feature with a new parameter in the configuration.

Please let us know of any problems you find with this new version.


  • Adds support for speed sensors
  • Adds support for Tacx Blacktrack steering device (experimental)
  • Remotely downloaded courses
  • Removed local courses previously packaged with the mod
  • New Course selection window with map and profile graph
  • New Menu header showing device connection status
  • Manual screenshots with NUMPAD_0
  • Anonymous telemetry collection
  • Fixes screenshot interval
  • Fixes reverse starts in auto drive
  • Fixes frozen mod after bike crash and unmount