New Version

Version is out now. Get it from the Downloads page.

The main feature in this new version is an activity summary window that will present the main performance values during your ride, alongside with a map and a profile. Some of this new values require your FTP value to be accurate, so if you know it, you can set it up in the menu, and if you don’t you can ride as hard as you can for 20 minutes at least and it will be calculated automatically.
From that window you’ll be able to discard the ride if you don’t want to keep it. A new design has been applied to this window and to the course selection one.

The course definitions now support unrouted waypoints, meaning the rider will go to the next waypoint in a straight line not following any type of routing. This is specially useful for those areas in the map with poor or inexistent routing nodes, or to make completely off road courses.
You can set up the distance to reach a waypoint in the course file too.
The Props located far away from the starting point were not being positioned correcly, but now that’s fixed and you can place props anywhere in the map. They will only show up when the rider is close to them.
A new feature of random destinations have replaced the free roaming drive mode. With this new mode, if you start riding without a manually set destination or with no course selected, you will be assigned a random destination in the map and will follow a route there. If you don’t like the destination chosen, just press NumPad2 to get a new one.
And if you find the HUD annoying or distracting, you can hide it now using NumPad3. Be aware there is a glitch in the game if you hide the minimap too and a waypoint is in sight, you’ll see an artifact on the screen.
All the keys used by the mod are configurable in the ini file, you can change them at will but be careful not to choose keys already set for other uses by the game or other mods you may have installed.
Due to the amount of new settings needed, the ini file format has changed quite a bit and a conversion will happen the first time you launch this new version. Now everything is more organized and neat.

For the lucky few Tacx Black Track owners, the calibration values include now a way to eliminate the steering dead spot present in the frontal area.

That’s about it, we hope you enjoy it!


  • Activity summary panel on ride saving including power metrics, calories and TSS calculation
  • Button for deleting the last activity if unwanted
  • New design for course selector
  • Unrouted course waypoints and configurable waypoint reach range
  • Fixed prop location for props located far from the start point
  • Key for choosing random destinations (Numpad2)
  • Key for hiding the HUD (Numpad3)
  • Configurable keys in the ini file
  • Tweaked Blacktrack responsiveness
  • Fixed time tracking in HUD and FIT file