New version Multiplayer, Cayo Perico, Run pacers

Version is out now. Get it from the Downloads page.


In this version, for the first time, we are introducing multiplayer functionality. Riders will be able to share rides and to meet each other in Los Santos. This functionality has nothing to do with GTA V online mode. You still must run the game in story mode. Learn more about the possibilities in the Multiplayer page.

Cayo Perico

The Cayo Perico DLC introduced to the game a while ago features a new island a few kilometers away from the main map. It is now available for riding, although you’ll need the new Cayo Perico course to get there, as there is no road or bridge connecting to the main map.

Running pacers

A new type of bot has been developed to help runners follow any course more easily. The running pacers are actually bike riders that will lead the course so the runner can follow it automatically. For now, the bot is not actually a pacer, as it doesn’t set a pace but adapts its speed to the runner.

Support for Bluetooth FTMS and RCSC

The Bluetooth library has been updated to support the FTMS protocol implemented by many smart trainers and smart indoor bikes and Running Cadence and Speed used by bluetooth footpods and some treadmills. FTMS support is still a bit flaky so if you encounter problems just fall back to ANT-FEC or plain BLE power.

Trainer difficulty

Until now the difficulty adjustment for GTBikeV was done via slope scaling. The problem with slope scaling is that it scaled the downhills too. The slope scaling has been removed and it’s been substituted by a trainer difficulty setting similar to the one in Zwift. It’s a percentage from 0% to 100% and it will affect only the uphill incline value that is sent to the trainer. The virtual speed will be calculated with the real slope. This only affects smart trainers, if you ride only with power this setting doesn’t do anything.

Bug fixes

Several bugs have been fixed, especial mention to the menu flickering one, and some ANT+ problems. The obstacle avoidance has been improved too.


We’ve set up a donations page for those who would like to support the project. You can see all the details in Donations